Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Football Season is FINALLY Over!

My football team may have lost the Super Bowl but we sure did get a cute 32 week picture out of the deal!  You likely already know that I don't care much for or about football but I do like the Steelers.  I don't watch them much but I've been a fan since I was little.  That was my Uncle Rod's fault!  He's a HUGE Steelers fan!

We love the Steelers!  32 weeks and this jersey makes Mommy look gimundus!
I'm now 8 weeks from D-Day and still feeling worried about the process.  I guess you could say it's not so much the process itself that I'm worried about, it's more how will I react to said process?  I have this issue with nerves.  When I am nervous, I make myself sick, and then all I do is spend hours on hours running in and out of restrooms.  It's similar to a flare up of my illness and let me tell you, it sucks.  For YEARS it was gone and then last year it decided to come back.  I think that is my biggest fear, that I'll be so nervous I can't even concentrate on labor and I'll give birth to this kid in a bathroom!

Speaking of strange reactions, I will let all of you in on a big embarassing moment I had last week.  We had our third birthing prep class on Thursday and it just happens that the topic was interventions if the baby gets "stuck" and pain management.  Our very good RN was very bad and didn't forewarn us of the topic.  Unfortunately, the video that accompanied the topic left very little to the imagination on either of these categories...and I very nearly passed out.  It really didn't help that she brought each of the devices of mass destruction that were being shown on the video.  I finally got up and left the room (how...I have no idea...sheer willpower I guess).  After getting some water and fresh air by the doors, I felt a little better and Robin even walked with me to the lobby and out to the breezeway during break so I could get more air.  Most people might worry about the baby.  Well don't.  She realized Mom was feeling like she might vomit...and decided to kick and punch her stomach.  What a fun game!  I don't know what it was that made me react this way.  I make no secret that if I need one, I'll get an epidural, but I guess I just didn't need to know all the gory details.  I'll also be darned if they put a pair of oversized salad tonges on my kid's head.  If she's built like her father, she doesn't need a cone head to top it off!

Our weekend was full of baby time which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Saturday morning my sorority sister, Kristin, went with me to see our sorority sister, Danay, and her baby Adalyn Fast for the first time since she was born.  Unfortunately I completely forgot to take any pictures but don't worry.  I'm sure we'll get plenty down the road!  Adalyn slept nearly the entire time we were there and we loved the little sounds she made.  I think she's going to be a Daddy's girl, too.  Saturday night we got to spend time with Kellen and Rowen Roth.  I hadn't seen either of them in way too long!  My Goddaughter is growing up so fast!  She is sitting up with minimal assistance and is super alert.  She smiles quite a bit too.  Kellen is a very energetic 2 year old.  Robin LOVES to throw him around, wrestle with him, and Kellen loves to come back for more!  I think Robin will be disappointed when our baby doesn't come out as a toddler.  We'll have to work on a boy next so they can rough house all the time!  We rounded out our weekend with Monroe Easley.  She is only 2 weeks old and just an adorable little doll!  She eats frequently which has got to be tough on mom but Kevin and Leah have done such a good job!  I can't wait until Baby Sol can spend time with her bestie!

Rowen and Renee' have matching belly's!!  We're also exhausted!

Monroe really likes her bouncer!  I'm not sure why this picture isn't showing up right side up since it's saved that way.  Ah, technology!

I'm still feeling really good though as I've said before, the aches and pains are more frequent.  I haven't had much problem with my lower back but my upper back, just under my shoulder blades, has been bugging me for a few weeks now.  My assumption is this is for several reasons, the main two being I'm carrying her pretty high and that I now have to sleep on my sides and not my back.  Sleeping hasn't been much of a challenge.  I added another pillow to my side so I now have my long curly pillow, a smaller pillow for my arms and chest, and my head pillow.  Robin hasn't said a word about me hogging the bed.  Smart man!  I have definitely noticed a decline in my energy level.  Walking from my car to the office, a 10 minute trek or so, is completely daunting now.  I told my Dad I walk like a turtle these days and he just giggled.  Probably the strangest thing happening now is any day now, my belly button will likely be an outie.  It's completely flat and looks pretty comical.  When I told Robin that it might pop, he tentatively asked, "Will it go back?"  I just laughed!  That is the LEAST of my worries but I'm glad he's a little worried about how I'll look, too.

Well that's all for now.  It's been a pretty laid back week.  Hopefully I'll have more interesting stories to tell next week, as we'll have our first baby shower, final birthing prep class, checkup with the doc, and a few shenanigans this weekend.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

I don't know about you, but I always take the weather reports with a grain of salt.  It always seems that weather people can be wrong 90% of the time and still keep their jobs.  The weather reports started talking about this storm over a week ago and I promptly ignored them but I have to admit, this time, they were right.  We got absolutely pummeled with snow yesterday!  It was so bad that all of the schools and Universities were closed, including where I work.  Even Robin came home at 1:00 and he only works a few miles from home.  Thank goodness I wasn't worried about going into labor.  My luck, I would have if I were closer to my due date.  I thought I would share some of the pictures I took through the day to illustrate how much snow fell throughout the day.

Tree in our back yard at 9 a.m.  Note you can still see the edge of the deck.
View of our trees in the front and the neighbor's house at 9 a.m.
A squirrel that showed up at about 11 a.m.

He dug and dug for a good 10 minutes, but he finally found one of his hidden nuts for lunch!

Oops!  Robin got stuck in the drive at about 1 p.m.

3 p.m. the snow REALLY started to fall!

Back yard at 3 p.m.  Where'd the deck go??

7 pm Stiiiiillllll snowing!
Feb. 2, 9:30 a.m.  Robin scooped the deck and a patch in the yard for our picky dog!
Feb. 2, 9 a.m.  We have one lane to get out of our neighborhood and I can't see our walkway at all!