Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nearly A Year Gone!

My last post was on November 9th of last year and I have to say, I'm a little bit surprised.  I kept telling myself I'd write tomorrow or the next week or that it really hadn't been that long until I finally logged on.  To my dismay, I haven't written anything about Jada's progress over the last year.  What makes this even worse is I haven't kept up with her baby book either.  I plan to do that this weekend if our visitors are not able to make it but for this post, I bring you some of the things my "turning 19 months old tomorrow" baby has been doing or saying.  Looks like I also need to post pictures but that will have to happen another day in a post entitled, "My Daughter's Afro."  She'll hate me for it someday!

1)  Counting.  You read that right.  She's counting.  Yesterday she rushed over to the metal table we have in the entryway and began fingering the flowers that she loves so much.  As I stood there making sure she wouldn't break them off, she began to count.  "One...two...three...four...five...six...seven...eight..." and walked off as though nothing had happened.  After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I jumped up and down screaming, "Robin, our baby is counting!  Our baby is counting!"  It's the little things.

2)  Some things are better left unsaid.  Case in point:  Robin has started a side business of photography and has had many clients lately.  One of them was scheduled for last Saturday and happened to be his coworker, Suzanne.  She and her husband have two little ones and the oldest just turned 2.  This seemed a great time for dinner, drinks, and a play date.  As we sat down for dinner in the dining room, Jada was going to town on her food, farted, and smiled at us.  We all continued conversations as though nothing had happened until she decided to tell us just what she had done.  "MOMMA!  MOMMA!!"  She screams this at me nearly all the time...  "MOMMA!"  When I finally answered, she smiled, pointed down, and said, "Momma, I fawted!  I fawted!"  I thought I would die of embarrassment   She has NEVER done that before, let alone in front of company!

3)  Elmo.  Our lives are consumed by Elmo.  I have no idea where she picked up the obsession but she just loves Sesame Street and all things Elmo.  A few weeks ago we were visiting our local Goodwill searching for deals and she began screaming "ELMO! ELMO!" from the front of the store.  Neither of us had a clue where she had seen him until we got to the back where the toys are located.  There was a Sesame Street couch, filthy, sitting there for $3.  I immediately said it would not come home with us but Robin found a zipper in the back so the cover could be washed.  We decided it was worth a try and thankfully the thing washed up great and looks brand new.  Now Jada sits/jumps on/plays with her "Elmo Couch" nearly constantly.  Best $3.00 spent in my life!  I'll bet you can guess what things she's getting for Christmas, too!

4)  I love you!  She says this to us quite a bit, typically followed by many kisses, kiss blowing, and hugs.  My favorite is when she sings the old Barney song that goes, "I love you, You love me, We're a happy family..."  She can't enunciate very well so it comes out, "I wuv oo, you wuv me..."  Usually she'll start singing and say, "Mamma, yoo tuwn!" so I sing as best I can and she smiles, giddy even though I can't sing a lick.  Waking up to this most mornings really makes the day better and coming from a non-morning person, that's saying something.

5)  A, B, C...  She can sing her alphabet!  She gets hung up around H, I, J but typically comes back in around L, M, N, O, P.  Tobi, our daycare provider, told us they sing it most days which makes me so happy to have Tobi in our lives!  I love that Jada is learning new things daily rather than sitting in front of a t.v. but it really is odd to hear this little girl, my baby, singing something I associate with pre-school or Kindergarten.

Well I suppose this is a good enough start for now.  I'll probably think of a thousand more interesting things to share and hopefully take the 2 minutes to post them from time to time.  Take care!

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